Golfing is a hugely popular sport

Popular Competitive Sports: Golfing

Whilst we know cricket is one of the best sports, golfing certainly comes at a close second.

Golf is one of the most popular sports on the planet. Golf is hugely diverse as you can play it at any age. If you go to your local golfing club, you will see children, adults and seniors enjoying a game in the sun.

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Our Golfing Tips

How to properly grip the golf club

How to properly grip the club

Most amateur golfers think that holding the club tightly will enable them to really give the ball a good clout but, of course, the opposite is true. Increasing your grip pressure creates tension in your hands and forearms that eventually find its way into your arms and shoulders, too, making it very difficult to produce a free-flowing and relaxed swing.

The key is to grip the club as softly as you can without losing control. As a reminder, waggle the club in your hands before hitting each shot so that you shake the tension out of your golf swing.

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Accurate alignment helps you to sneak a few extra yards

Although good alignment is important on every shot, with the driver it’s absolutely crucial.

While you may get away with the odd flaw in your set-up with your wedges or even a mid-iron, the driver (being the longest and least forgiving of all clubs) will magnify any glitches and ruthlessly expose them. Contact us for more advice.

So you need to pay even more attention to your basics if you want to use it to its full potential, and that’s where a pre-shot routine can help.

Start by standing behind the ball to pick out your intended target in the fairway (and make it a specific target). Then walk into the shot and carefully aim the clubface at an intermediate target, perhaps three or four feet ahead of the ball.

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